Dynamo (Robot Structural Analysis 2017)

Dear friends

I have a question about using Dynamo for automating RSA. I modeled a simple frame in Dynamo and by using analytical bar, nodes etc, I export the frame into robot structural analysis 2017. Then after applying loads etc, Dynamo gave me some results such as max stress, max displacement or forces, using for example “Bar.forces get extreme value and position” node. I want to do something else that I don’t know how to do. I want to attach an external file (e.g. excel file) to members of this frame using dynamo. This excel can be the data extracted from Structural Health Monitoring sensors such as displacement, stress or strain. And then define a threshold value for each parameters and ask dynamo to highlight the frame element for example to red color if any of data in these excel file exceeds the defined threshold value. Could you please help me? I attached dynamo file. I really appreciate you if you can show the nodes and their relations in my dynamo file and send it back to me to let me run its Robot file. Thank you so much in advance.

Robot.dyn (34.6 KB)