Exporting a Solid creating in Dynamo like roof in Revit

Hi everyone!
I created in Dynamo this solid.

It should be a roof in Revit, because once I export it I need to associate the walls to the solid to close my building.

Someone do you know if it’s possible to export a roof, that’s a system family, from Dynamo to Revit?
I tried to export it like generic model in this way, but obviously the family instance that I exported doesn’t allow to associate the walls

If someone in csae knows another way to reach the aim I would be grateful!

Another way to reach your goal would be to create a Roof by Face.
You need to create a mold/cast of the Roof in the Mass category to be able to “drape” your Roof around the Mass.
Best would be to create a Conceptual Mass i think

Yeah I know. I can do in this way, but my purpose is to export a family that is already a roof, to simply the workflow.

Why try to simplify a workflow that is literally a 1 min Roof by Extrusion?

If you feel the need to try to go this way, take a look at all the DirectShape Nodes, look for the ones that also have a Category input so you can specify that.

Tbh: This looks like a gargantuan feel-bad for however is the recieving party of this model and needs to edit the “Roof”

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You can load a “Roof” System Family into Revit… here’s how:

Firstly, Install Synthesize toolkit package.

Place node called “K-Family Insert”
that node would require a .sat file or geometry, it accepts both.

There’s an input called Family Category.
Just place Family Category Node with Roof

And there’s an input called Family Template Path, just browse to the extra folder of Synthesize package and choose “Sample K-3D Roofs.rft”

Hit run, and see the magic happens.

There are tons of other options you can mess with too, for example, if you disabled Avoid Conflict, you can refresh your family.


Ok, I got!
Thanks a lot!

Awesome, happy it helped

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