Dynamo Home Screen Blank!

Hi All,

I have been away for a few days and have come back to Dynamo not working correctly in Revit. The only change on my PC that I am aware of is that Windows update has run today. When I start Dynamo from the Revit ribbon, it presents this screen. I cannot open any files of access the package manager. Nothing works as it should. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue?

Looks like a really bad install of Dynamo. Just uninstall it, remove all folders associated with it, and give it another go.

Hi Konrad,

Thanks for the quick response. I rolled back to a Windows Restore point before the updates and still had the corrupt interface. So i performed a folder/file wipe and clean install of 0.9.1 (the version we are using, as currently deployed with the Revit 2017 install package) and it is working fine. I use this version as deployments are controlled by strict policy in our company and so doing development in a universally installed version makes sense. Cant wait for the rollout of the newer versions to be included in the Autodesk Updates. :slight_smile: