Dynamo Reference Manual?


I have been asking for this, so, I am sorry for the repeating.

Is there a Reference Manual for Dynamo nodes?
That is, a document that list all nodes by input and output data types?

We waste an inordinate amount of time trying to accomplish the simplest tasks because there is not a Reference Manual for Dynamo.

For example, to extract the normal of a plane there is the “Plane.Normal” node, which requires a “Autodesk.Designscript.Geometry.Plane” input.

Unfortunately, I have data in the form of “Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Surface”, not “.plane”.

In fact, three is no “Element.Plane” node, but rather “Element.Faces”.

Because there is no place to look up all Dynamo nodes that output the “Autodesk.Designscript.Geometry.Plane” data type, I am basically stumped.

Maybe I should start a blog with a complete catalog of dynamo nodes data types… ??


Maybe the Dynamo Dictionary will help you?

Forgot about that one!

Yet, you cannot search by input or output data types…
Will look more into that…

thank you

The build in library can, and for the OOTB nodes you can right click on them in the workspace and select help, and there is a link to the dictionary.

The Built in library can search by input and outputs data types? How?

thank you