How to find Elements.Types

Hi all, I’m a really new user on Dynamo. I’m trying to copy an exercise but i can’t find the command: Elements.Types (Input: Element(s) - output: Type(s)); i mean also if i type on the search it doesen’t appear; i’ve already tried to open every command with “type” on its name.

is it the category you want or the type name? your question is a bit unclear…

your graph gives you the type, but as the revit type (a number)

There is also OOTB node Element.GetType.


Yes, i’m really sorry, becuase most of the time i’m only copying from the image! :slight_smile:

Thank you Kulkul! I’ll try it!

Fine… I’m getting even more confused now!

Try to describe what you want… what is it you would like your graph to do for you?

As far as I can see you will get the type, but is that what you want?

  • the OOTB node Element.GetType will give you the same as you get with the present graph

Yes i want to get the type to connect to the “list-input”. What i can’t find is the node itself called “Elements.Type”

Oh, thank you! I’ll look for it!

I might have misunderstood you… are you searching for the node Element.Types since you dont have the package?

in that case, use @Kulkul suggestion with the Element.GetType OOTB node

Ok! Thank you agaim, also for the patience! :slight_smile:

remember to give @Kulkul the credit for solving the problem (mark it as solved) :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the same Problem. :slight_smile:
Can’T find the Elements.Type Node.

What ist the OOTB ? Is it a package?
COuld not find it.

OK, I got it.
In Dynamo 1.32 its name is Elements.Type

OOTB: OUt of the box.

The name is JUST: Type