What type of data can i get from view?

Hello guys, i’m trying to create a dynamo routine that sets a work and sketch plane automatically to my current 3d (and 2d, but I think if it works for 3d, it will naturally work for 2d) view, but i can’t seen to find a way to get a plane from my current enabled view.

can anyone shed a light on me? I don’t want full described solutions, just a way so i can start building it, preferably only using dynamo nodes (but if this can’t be done, i can get my way around with python too, just need a light on how to start also).

thanks in advance.

Look into the View.Plane node in the clockwork package. :slight_smile:

Thanks, i found the node and it appears to do what I need, but now I cant set the plane i get as the current active sketch plane, I did some digging around and found some python scripts that appears to set a plane as the active sketchplane, but they all create a plane inside it, and I really dont know how to get a plane that i link to my IN[0] variable, and couldn`t find anything at the revitapi… how should i proceed?