Created elements get deleted?

I’m working on a script that generates sheets with some views on it. The dynamo outputs show a ‘correct’ output, but many of the views are deleted or not created in the actual project.

My first thought was a transaction issue, so i’ve tried to isolate the sheet creation and view placement portions in their own transaction, but i’m still getting the undesirable result.

but the result in the model is like this:


the first two sheets should have 10 views, and the last sheets should have 6

any recommendations of what to look at?

For the placement issue.
Make your lists of equal length?
So Cycle your Sheets (input).

Might be element bindings. If you search them up on the forums you’ll see the general scenarios that cause them.

Not a bug, its a feature!

Hmm, i guess i thought the ‘solution’ to dealing with binding related issues was to enforce transactions. Time for more reading.

my intuition is that this has something to do with the way dynamo wants to track the points used to place the viewports on the sheet, but i don’t think my explanation is going to be very accurate

10 points are created for the first (sheet,[views]) argument in the custom node KS_Sheet_PlaceViews. then those same 10 points are reused/reassigned to the other (sheet,[views]) arguments. this would explain why the last sheet has all 6 views (using the first 6 values), but the 2nd sheet only has the last 4 views. the first 6 points were reassigned to the views for the next sheet.

the part that doesn’t make sense is that the custom node should generate different points for the sheet with 6 views, so that explanation doesn’t work if it’s reusing the points as objects.