Creating sheet

When i create a sheet with dynamo it works perfectly. When i use the same dynamo script to create another sheet it removes the other sheet. See the pictures below.

In the last picture you see that sheet 1001 is gone. Can someone explain this to me or is this a bug?


OOTB nodes have Element binding.
You can close the graph after the first creation of sheet and re-open the graph for the second sheet.
Or you can use Dynamo Player.

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Hi Alban,

Thanks for your reply!
Do you know if there is a way to create sheets without it being element binding?

Change the node Sheet.ByName… with one in python of a downloaded package.
Or use a BakeElement node after the node Sheet.ByName… to break the bindings.

Dynamo Player is the simpliest solution.


This is an understatement. Generally speaking it’ll be faster too.

You could also feed it a combined list to just get the total set in one run to really speed things along.

Hi Jacob,

I’m making a Dynamo script what is capable of creating sheets and at the same time change the values of the sheet (such as the date drawn, drawn by, checked by, etc). Therefore i need to break the bindings because it’s possible you create a sheet using my script and then want to change a value. If you do that without closing Dynamo it goes a little bit crazy with the values.

Why not set the parameter values after the sheets are created in a single run?

If you post a more complete version of your graph I’m sure someone will be willing to show you how.

Hi Giellanen

If you want to create multiple sheets, I would recommend you to use an excel file:

Be sure to make two collumns

If you want apply ‘data’ to the sheets you can use the setparameter node. But before you do that, use a passthrough node (from clockwork package). The graph will make the sheets first and after that it will modify the data parameters of the sheets you’ve just made.

In the image below I’ve created multiple sheets and placed them in the correct folder in your browser organization. This should work the same for the options you’ve described.


Hope this will help you out

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Ok i wil test this tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for all the help guys!

I do set the parameter values after the sheet creation.

But what if you have sheets that are not created in that single run but do want to change the parameter values of those sheets.
I cant get a more complete version my graph because it has become a large script. Im willing to share but i dont know how.

Use the camera export after zooming in on a few nodes so they are readable. It’s in the top right corner of the Dynamo window.

Hi David,

Thats exactly how i build my Dynamo script. But now you can only change the parameter values of the sheets that you create that run. So my problem is i got 2 “Things”

  1. Sheet creation with its parameter values
  2. setting the parameter values of the existing sheets.

So when a new sheet comes in to the script it’s produced by 1.
When i want to change its parameter values in the next Dynamo run it happens with 2.

But because of the element binding it goes crazy in the second run.

If you aren’t looking to make new sheets then you don’t need to run part 1 at all - skip it by having two graphs. One to create sheets and set parameters, and one to just set parameters.

Running by dynamo player will also work as noted above.

Yeah i guess you guys are right! hate the feeling of giving up,

Thanks guys!!!