Dynamo problem python

dynamo problem

Hello,(note i’m french, thanks google)

Someone will have a solution I have a Malfunction on dynamo. I have 2 PCs with the same configuration, same version of dynamo and package.

(exe: package spring.mode)

PC1: creation and complete operation of the “toto” .dyn

(example: Springs.HostedInstance.ByPoints node = I have 12 outputs with usable value)

PC2: use of the “toto” .dyn BUG along the way

(example: Springs.HostedInstance.ByPoints node = I have 12 outputs with NULL value)

Ditto with other .dyn file and other packages (exe archi.lab)

On PC2 use or creation of dynamo file does not give any normal results, I have the impression

that python code does not work or no longer.

note: PC2 is my workstation grrr


Hi @sbosarl, how are you? ca va? s’il vout plait, poste en francais, la traduction n’est pas bonne, mon francais c’est pas bon nonplus… sorry, mais je pense que sera plus comprensible de lire en francais… aussi, si tu peut poste une image de la routine… merci

Please also upload a Dynamo File.

re,ouverture.dyn indA0.dyn (21.8 KB)

voile carre sbo.rfa (392 KB)


Did someone have an hint to find the origin of my problem ? I’m really stuck with this issue and can’t find a solution :frowning:

For Information i try the following :

  • Run as administrator
  • Without Firewall
  • Without Protection solution
  • Reinstall of Run Python
  • Reinstall an other Dynamo version
  • Vérification of my configuration between 2 computer

Thank you for your time !