Dynamo Player

I got a strange behavior in Revit 2017.2 and 2018, on both cases, after clicking the Dynamo Player command the window seems to open and then close, the command button grey out and I can´t find the window, I minimised every other window.

Any help?

Yes I can use Dynamo normally.
The Dynamo player window appears for less than 1 second, and collapses, but I believe it is open, just hidden.
I am using Windows 10.
As I said before, the behavior is the same in Revit 2017 and 2018.

Does it show up if you hit alt+tab?


Today I opened Revit 2018 and just hit the Dynamo player to check, it worked normally…

The Player window is not hidden but closes by itself when it looses connection to the host ( in this case Revit/Dynamo ).
As you describe it I can only suspect something went wrong on the host side during initialization.
The main difference between starting Player and starting Dynamo is that the Player loads Dynamo without UI so it actually executes less that the normal Dynamo startup sequence.
I suspect that because startup is faster without UI ( and machine specs also could contribute ) this could generate some kind of race condition for this files used by Dynamo %appdata%\Roaming\Analytics\CsharpAnalytics-Measurement*.
If this happens again you can delete these files and try again.