Dynamo player disappears


Is anyone else having problems with the dynamo player? Once i managed to start it up but after I had tried to point it to another directory it vanished.

no alt m tricks. No alt tabbing

it shows in the task manager that it runs but other than that nothing.


I haven’t heard of this. What Revit build and Dynamo build? Does it persist after a restart?


2017 and 2018
I have 1.3.2 and 2.0 installed
I 'll test now with 2019


Is your new path local to the C drive, a true network, or a cloud location? Also what type of monitor setup do you have? Any zoom ratio issues (having everything at the same zoom scale keeps stuff from randomly shifting).


2019 same effect
you start the player, wheel starts spinning. after a few seconds revit makes a small position shift. Dynamo player button greys out and that is it.

I have a dual monitor setup. I think the path I was trying to set before was to a one drive location. Is it something I could perhaps change in the registry?


2019 uses


Copy the contents of the one drive location to your local disc and see if that fixes it. One drive and other shared cloud mirroring stuff can cause stuff to act funny sometimes.