Dynamo Graph Running Different When Ran in DynamoPlayer

I have created a graph that uses the Data.Shape nodes to make a UI to input information so you don’t have to rely on opening Dynamo.

The problem that I am having is that when I run it in the Dynamo editor it runs perfectly, but when I try to run it with DynamoPlayer it doesn’t work as expected.

I have made a graph that puts a ‘Point’ on a specific location in the families that are selected. Then it names the point with the provided prefix and starting number. Then it exports the N/E/Z coordinates of the point to a csv file.

The issue is when I use Dynamo Player the csv export is not correct. The same point is exported over and over again. As well as the Point Prefix/Number are not filled out correctly.
The points in Revit are placed correctly and the parameters are correct. The information is just not making it to the csv.

This doesn’t happen when using the Dynamo Editor.

(**Note: For the project this is being used for we are using GPS coordinates so that is whey the points have to be transformed.)

I have tried using ‘Wait’ nodes and other similar solutions that I have found on here, but nothing seems to work.

Is there any known issues with DynamoPlayer not running things correctly?

I have attached my DYN file if anyone wants to take a look.placepoints.dyn (123.6 KB)