Dynamo player issue in Revit 2023

hi. in Revit 2023 when I click on dynamo player an error appears and by clicking ok I can’t do anything and must close Revit and run again.

first error message: unknown long option port.
second error message: as shown in the attachment.

can anybody tell me how can I fix this?


Hi Alirahbar,

We have not seen this error before. Is it possible for you to share your Dynamo graphs and Revit model with us? This would help us debug it.



QA for the GD/Player team

Hi. thanks for your response. But this error opens on all models, even an empty model, immediately after clicking on Dynamo Player, and no specific script was executed.

Have you installed the Ironpython2.whatever latest version package? Then set preferences to run on Ironpython2?

Hi @alirahbar_2000 , we need some help with more info.
Can you go to task manager and look at GenerativeDesign.exe ?
There should like 4 processes there and one has a longer Command Line than the others ( you need to have Command Line option column checked ).
Can you give us the Command Line param string from there ?

Other thing that comes into mind : can go to “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AECGenerativeDesign 2023\GenerativeDesignClient\resources\app” and delete all the adp* files from there ? (make sure to make a backup).
Thank you

Hello. No, this happened after installing Revit 2023 and no changes have been made to the default Dynamo content yet.

Hello . Before clicking on Dynamo Player, there is no item called generative design, and after opening the dynamo player, it will open like the attached image.

After deleting the content you mentioned, the Dynamo Player window will no longer open and an error will be displayed like the image.

Hi @alirahbar_2000 , than you for providing the info.
Can you provide another print screen of task manager with Command Line option checked (like in my post) ?

Can you also attach a Revit journal from a session where you recreate the issue? This will help ID other stuff which may be causing issues.=