Dynamo Player Immediately Crashing


I found similar question to this topic but they found solutions by installing a fresh revit and dynamo or by deleting this folder:


I’ve already installed revit and dynamo 3 times and also tried deleting the said folder but got no success. When I click the dynamo player button, the player opens for less than half a second then immediately closes. By the way I’ve tried Revit 2017.2, Revit 2018.2 and Revit 2019.2 and Dynamo 1.3.3 and Dynamo 2.0.2.


Check if your IT department has disabled any web browser capability. Also try clearing your package list in all Dynamo for Revit (1.x and 2.x) folders.

Hi @jacob.small,

What do you mean by

if you mean proxies, yes we have in our company.

More confirming that you can open and run Chrome ( had an instance recently where cef was completely blocked by an IT security policy) on the system.

Hi @jacob.small,

I can open and run chrome but it needs username and password to be able to access sites outside the company. Do you know what are the URLS/IP addresses that we should white list in our company’s proxy server?


They’d all be internal to your C drive and any network locations where you are losing your packages and dynamo graphs from.

Hi @jacob.small,

I don’t understand what you are saying sir. Anyways, thank you for helping.

The Dynamo player effectively utilizes a web-browser platform for navigating to the dynamo nodes- as long as you’re able to execute the graphs using in regular Dynamo for Revit, and can run a standard web-browser than this isn’t it likely it.

Can you confirm that the graph runs normal with no errors or messages around upgrading nodes showing in the console?

Hi @jacob.small,

When executing graphs using regular Dynamo for Revit, we don’t encounter any problem.

Any notes about nodes upgrading in the console when you run the graph though?