Error using Dynamo Player "run completed with errors"

Hi, everyone!

I have a routine created and tested in dynamo. However, when I use “Dynamo Player” to select the inputs, the result is “run completed with errors” and no result is generated.

Does anyone know the reason for this error?

PS: When I open Dynamo and select the inputs, it works perfectly

Hello @rbp1997 …could you share the dataset ?

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Criar vigas.dyn (29.0 KB)

@sovitek ,

The routine basically creates a beam from a curve, between the columns, from a start point and an end point.

It is in Portuguese, but some translations follow:

“viga” = beam
“pilar” = column
“pavimento” = level

Hello…think player had a problem with selection points…but you can try this here instead…
VIGAS.dyn (36.3 KB)

That was exactly it! Thanks again!

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