Dynamo Player Error Message Troubleshooting

I have a graph that works fine when run from Dynamo directly but when I try to run it in Dynamo Player I get the following error message. Can anyone please tell me what it means? Thanks!
COM-02_Override Interior Elevation Crop Boundaries Lineweight.dyn (62.6 KB)

the wrong version of Dynamo is trying to run this graph - try opening dynamo 2.x first, and then trying the graph through player to force player to use the 2x version.


Thank you. That worked.
I’d like to share this graph across my firm and Dynamo Player seemed like a good solution for first-time graph users. Do you have any suggestions for how I can make a less cumbersome workflow so that folks don’t have to open the correct version of Dynamo and close it before opening Dynamo Player in order to run the graph?
Should we uninstall all past versions of Dynamo across all the workstations in order to prevent the error prompt? Or would that pose new issues?

Uninstall the previous version :laughing:

But no, I don’t think there is a work around, but once they have opened it once it will stay as long as they don’t open the old version again.