Dynamo player forgets path immediately after closing Dynamo player

Hey all,

I am running into a strange issue with Dynamo player.
I am setting up Dynamo player for a coworker to use, with a specified script folder location, i can set it and see the scripts, but as soon as i close the player, the path is lost.

This is in Revit 2021

Does anyone know what could cause this?

I can’t seem to figure out where this filepath setting is even stored…

Hi @MVE1112 ,

Are you talking about a filepath within the script which loses its filepath or the standard filepath where the Dynamo Player points to after opening?

Hi Daan,

When changing the default folder from which Dynamo Player loads scripts, you press the folder icon in player and select the desired folder. This works, but when i close the player and reopen it it loses the selected folder path.

Anyone who has an idea what could cause this behaviour? Maybe @jacob.small

Sounds like a conflicting settings file may be at play, or perhaps there is a setting preventing it from being written to in the long run. Best to reach out to my colleagues in support via the accounts portal at manage.autodesk.com.

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