Dynamo Player Directory

I’ve just started distributing scripts to people yesterday. When I checked up on how things are going I noticed that the directory the dynamo player opens with has reverted to the example folder. Is there a way to change the default directory used.

I’ve tried copying the ‘dynamoplayerinstance 1’ folder with the correct directory and it didn’t change the directory. I then manually chose the directory in the dynamo player and closed and restarted the player again and it went to the correct folder. I’m worried that the folder might reset somehow again when the person restarts their Revit or computer.


We setup a default directory for our users with this same method. I even have a Dynamo script that changes the directory to other specified sub-directories. It should work. But you do have to close and reopen Dynamo Player for the directory path to update.

It also depends on what version they’re using whether they’re in dynamoplayer, dynamoplayer-2, etc.

Also you might want to check to make sure you are using the right path. We have multiple versions of player now and each one put its data into its own directory.
C:\Users<user_name>\AppData\Local\dynamoplayer-3\User data\dynamoplayerinstance 1
C:\Users<user_name>\AppData\Local\dynamoplayer-2\User data\dynamoplayerinstance 1

Yeah I saw that. Is two 2.0.2 and three 2.1?

There is no hard connection between player version and dynamo version. We generally increase player version when we provide a new player feature or changes on Dynamo or Revit side are breaking some API player is using which forces us to increase the version.


Thanks for the information- the reasoning is understandable- but is there possibly a correspondence between AppData folders you could share with us to let us know that
Is compatible with up to which Dynamo versions?


I think right now it’s 2017, 2018, and 2020(?). Haven’t done anything with player in 2020 yet.

Coming in bit late here:
Is this still the case for Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.10?
I’m not seeing any “dynamoplayerxxx” files or folders with a recent date

I’m going to start a new thread

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