Default folders in Revit 2022/Dynamo Player 2.10

There are a couple of threads here about populating a dynamoplayer-# folder in order to set the default folder the Player uses.
However, all those threads are old.
Is this still the case for Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.10?
I’m not seeing any “dynamoplayer-#” files or folders with a recent date

Yes, they still exist. However, they’re determined by Dynamo Player version, not Revit or Dynamo version. I’m not sure if 2021 and 2022 are on the same version of player, but it’s a possibility.

The very end of the Preferences file within \dynamoplayer-#\User data\dynamoplayerinstance 1\Default will show you the last directory loaded for that version of player. You can try loading a specific directory in 2022 and then checking to see which version updates.

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But that’s why I’m asking
I fired up the Player in 2022, changed to a different folder & ran a graph.
Then I did a search in my AppData\Local folder for any files with today’s date and nothing showed up in any dynamoplayer folder

I didn’t see it in there either, but honestly that’s a lot to filter through. I recommend just manually checking the dynamoplayer-# folders like I mentioned. They do update.

FYI, I know you have to close player for it to update. I don’t think you have to close out of Revit, but it might be worth a try.

The player in 2022 is still using dynamoplayer-4 folder. The same one that 2021 uses. If you run both 2021 and 2022 players at the same time you get dynamoplayerinstance # , with each instance incrementing the #.

Where in this area do people store info to set the default folder? I haven’t seen that.

It’s not exactly a default folder, but a “last viewed” folder. So you can set it once to point everyone to your standard library, but if they move to a different folder it will continue to open at the new location.

I believe you need to set the Preferences file and the chrome-extension files from Local Storage. It’s not something that can be easily “set”. Instead, you’re better off copying a set of the “good” files that you want to use and replacing the existing files.

I see. That last viewed file, I guess you could copy with a preset location then. Instead, I just erase the whole dynamoplayernistance # folder at login, and the next time player is run they land at the “default” folder, %programdata%\Autodesk\RVT 2022\Dynamo\samples\en-US\Revit\DynamoPlayer-4

Dynamoplayer will recreate this dynamoplayerinstance # each time it is run with all the defaults.

Yeah. If you want to use the sample location that would work perfectly. If you want to use a specified location you have to copy a set of pre-baked files.