Dynamo Player Error

I have put together a Dynamo graph on my workstation, and when a co-worker goes to use it throws them the error below. It works fine on my end, but cannot be run thru Dynamo player on his end.

We have checked his packages, paths and dynamo version and everything is up to date/matching my workstation.

To make the graph run, we have to step into the Dynamo file and run on ‘Manual’ on his workstation.

Edit: Got a .txt from Dynamo regarding the error
dynamo notification.txt (7.3 KB)

It’s a known issue. You probably have more than one version of Dynamo installed on the error’s computer. For some reason, Player defaults to the lowest version, so when you try to run a newer script, it breaks. Solution is to either: Uninstall earlier versions so you only have one, or open Dynamo itself in the latest version, then close it and open Player.