Error message

Hello All,

Can anyone know what is this error message.

it pops up when ever i have the run a script on Dynamo player

Many thanks in anticipation


Not sure what’s triggering this, but I have a suspicion it’s because there is a 2.x graph in your 1.x player library.

Yeah, if I had to guess, my guess would have been that you mixed up 2.X with 1.X. The 1.3 uses an XML parser to read the DYN file, but 2.0 is saved as JSON so the XML parser is throwing exceptions.

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Is there a way to choose between Dynamo 1.3 and 2.0 when launching the player? The popup windows appears only when launching Dynamo (editor), but not when clicking on the Dynamo player icon (which by default starts in 1.3).
However once Dynamo 2.0 is opened then Dynamo player automatically opens in 2.0,as if it followed its “bigger brother”
Does anybody else experience this?

That’s how it works. Yo yo your office to set a standard per version if you want to discuss this more please make a new topic.