Dynamo player error message

Does anyone know what this error message means?
Sometimes I am able to run this graph just fine in Dynamo player and sometimes I get the above error message. Not sure what the problem is.
Override Interior Elevation Crop Boundaries Lineweight 2018.11.15.dyn (62.6 KB)

it means dynamo 1.x is running instead of dynamo 2.x.


Hi Michael,

If I open Player without having first opened Dynamo, it tries to use 1 instead of identifying the 2 graph…

So I get this message, unfortunately I am unable to exit this dialogue and have to kill Revit.

If I open Revit, open Dynamo 2, shut Dynamo, then run player… It correctly uses 2.

Is it possible for Player to identify the correct version? Or to default to 2?

I’m running Revit 2019.2, Dynamo 2.0.2



Any update on this issue?
I am having the same trouble, I’m thinking about uninstalling dynamo 1.x so i only have 2.x to eliminate the error.