Dynamo player check list

hey all, is there a way to make a dynamo player have a checklist? i would like to be able to select alot of views for export and i didnt know if there was a way to do it in dynamo like you would in a macro.

Thanks ahead of time for the help!


Data-Shapes has nodes for that

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hey thanks for the quick reply! would you happen to know which node would let me do that?

This is for Sheets, but just change the category


Hey do you know why this is giving me an error?

What values is it giving you under that node? Usually that is when there is a “null” value in the list.

Its giving me my names still just says there is an error.

My end goal is to get a list of elements (Views) that were selected in the GUI

You can eliminate all of the “=” and Bool masking if you plug the actual views in as the Values, and the Element.Name as the key. This way the output on the end of the MultiForm++ is the actual view, not just the name. Effectively the MF is doing the masking for you.

Hey Sean Is there a way i can make the GUI options look cleaner and still spit out the correct elements?

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You can remove the ID by using the ShowID_Optional switch at the bottom of the input. Are you using the Element.Name for the Key still, or the Actual View?

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thank you all for the help!!


Any time I would want to export lots of views, I would want to save that list for re-use.

I’ve always done this through view sets, is there a reason you want to manually re-select all the views every time you do a new export?

Hope that doesn’t sound awkward…



i would like anyone i give the script to to be able to select the views directly in the GUI that way they dont have to make a set. Im using the script to duplicate the selected views, remname it _Sheets, and then place the newly created view on the sheet

Oh right, that makes sense… It was just that you said you wanted ‘views for export’. I have a similar graph for when you want a duplicate set of views for a particular task… Copying 30 floor plans and replacing ‘Copy1’ with ‘Windows&Doors’ is what Dynamo was made for :slight_smile:

do you think you could send me a link to that script! i think that would also be useful to me!!

Sure, but it’s nothing amazing… Yours is looking like it will be much better!

View Copy & Rename.dyn (25.1 KB)

i also have another question about the graph. im tryng to duplicate all these views and place them on sheets but i cant get the names right. it all goes of the first name in the list. and its not placeing the views on the sheet
image Sheet Creator.dyn (47.4 KB)

any ideas on how to fix this

I’ll have a look… at first glance, your ‘view’ probably needs to be set to level 2… just like your view duplicate node, or chuck a flatten in between?


That fixed the naming problem and it placed views in the sheet! PROBLEM: It placed the First view for all 3 sheets it created