Dynamo Player and CSV.WriteToFile

CSV.WriteToFile is crashing Revit when run from Dynamo Player.
Scripts run fine when the node is removed from the graph.

Do you get any error msgs/tracebacks you can post?
If not, it would be helpful if you ca post a small portion of the file with only the relevant nodes so others can try reproduce it.

open dynamo player and run this script
edit this script from dynamo player and run from dynamo

may be related to 4 warnings I am unable to clear. Warnings might be affecting the writing of dyn files because this crash happens on a workstation with no warnings.


Details of error

Removed Mandrill to clear the warning, re-saved the custom node and script with new names, crashing without any tracebacks persists.
Would be interested in knowing if this problem is reproducible.


Mandrill wasn’t causing the issue here. Do you have more than one version of Dynamo installed on that machine? That might explain the load errors.

Dynamo 0.7.6
Dynamo 0.8.2
Dynamo 0.9.1
Dynamo 1.2.1

Reinstalled mandrill and load warnings are gone.
Tried creating a custom node from scratch, still crashing Revit.

If I pull the File Read and csv Write out of the custom node the problem is resolved.
Unrelated, but looks like I will have to remove mandrill for the time being. It might still cause load errors.

Thanks Konrad,
Is it really a problem to have older versions installed?
I’ve removed 1.0 and 1.1 thinking that would be enough.