Dynamo Package Name to be mentioned in Node

So I found out that Rhythm Package mentions its name in their nodes.
and not other Packages.
Why I am saying this because sometimes I have to run Script in a different System so I have to download a particular Package Version which after a few weeks no one remembers and becomes so hard to download the exact version of a package.
is there a way to mention the package name also with their Version.

The monocle view extension can identify which packages are used, appending the result to a note for use in your graph documentation is fairly well accepted best practice.

Note that from ~2.8 (Revit 2022) on uninstalled packages will be brought up by the workspace references manager, allowing you easy access to identify needed package. This means that in ~2 years you’ll have no further need to hunt after the fact.

Can you refer any video how to use it ?

Here is a video overview on the features:

and if you have feature requests: