Dynamo not rendering mesh

Hi guys,

I am noticing some very strange behaviors concerning mesh display in Dynamo. I am using Revit 2020 with the latest Dynamo build :

  • Dynamo Core

  • Dynamo Revit 2.1.0…7733

When I output from a node a Autodesk.DesignScript.Mesh it is not displayed on the Revit window.

To actually display it I did a quick node to draw each face as a surface. Of course, this is ridiculous because it is computationally heavy… and it does not make sense. I just did it as a quick work around.

In case anyone is worried about the validity of my mesh… I constructed a very simple planar mesh and the same error continues…

The only geometry that is successfully displayed are the vertices, and I assume that If I outputted the edges, the would display as well. The same goes for the more complex mesh above.

To complement all this weird behavior, see the video below:

Whenever I hide the Mesh.ByPointsFaceIndices node the vertices disappear and I have to Run the solution again for them to display . The same behavior happens with the first example.

Any ideas what is going on? This is very awkward, is it something with the settings of the Revit window? I also noticed that the geometry is no longer displayed on the Dynamo Canvas, so I guess these feature was removed for the latest build.

Any help would be very valuable.

Can you label your custom nodes with the package they are from, including the version, and repost the image of the graph?

Hi Jacob,

They are my own nodes. Except of course the ones I show in the video, they are native Dynamo nodes

Can you enable background preview in Dynamo?

I cant change anything regarding the view. These are the only options I have

try installing:

Hi @Michael_Kirschner2
I installed it but the problem persists.

  1. please check the console for errors
  2. please check if you can now enable the dynamo background preview.

@Michael_Kirschner2 thanks for the additional info. I also noticed that I had to manually install the program. I though when I downloaded the files and opened the .exe it would do everythin automatically. But no.

Is there anyway that the mesh will also render in the Revit window?