Dynamo for MEP

I’m interested to hear from any designer if Dynamo can change how the HVAC design is done in Revit, is it possible to create more computational relationships between different point that includes Flow rate, Static pressure …etc. This graphical design method should let Revit to create the duct and pipe runs automatically. this will shorten the time used in modelling the services.

Is that achievable?


Hi Nader, there certainly are great possibilities for what Dynamo might do with MEP workflows. However, there really aren’t any out-of-the-box nodes yet that expose much of what you would need to use for MEP. The structure is there in the Dynamo language to deal with these things, but the libraries of functionality remain to be built out. Some more advanced users have taken to making their own libraries of nodes using Python scripts or writing nodes in C# to expose deeper parts of the Revit API. Most of that documentation is available on Dynamo’s Github site wiki. But it’s not an easy answer yet, I’m afraid.