Dynamo missing in revit 2021

Hey guys, i am using revit 2021 in my work.
From revit official website, it says that dynamo is build in after revit 2020 but i can’t find any dynamo plug-in in my Manage tab .

Are you sure it’s not there? It should be the last element on Manage tab, on smaller screens it’s possible that it collapses to a single button called ‘Visual Programming’

Check if dynamo is installed succesfully: is this folder exists?
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2021\AddIns\DynamoForRevit

If this exists, than dynamo is installed, but Revit doesn’t load it for some reason, you should check your journal file what’s going on.
If this folder doesn’t exist, try to repair your Revit installation from Control Panel>Programs and Features.