Dynamo-List Handling

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Dear all,
I have created a Dynamo routine which will get user inputs for sheet revision information, sheet number from and sheet number to. This runs fine except the starting sheet is not updating. For example: if the user inputs sheet S0001 to S0010; all the sheet updates except the S0001. I guess this is something related to the list handling.
Please help me to resolve this and educate me what i have missed.

P.S. I have attached the dynamo & Revit File for your reference.
Thanks in advance.

K. Sultan Ahamed


Sorry - Could not check the Revit 2017 file

But saw the script - As there are quite a number of List.Deconstruct nodes, in my guess; somewhere one of them is dropping the first one and that dropped item doesn’t have a Set Element Parameter node (has to be the case) for only the first one not getting updated. Hope this helps…

Thanks for your reply. Let me check my script again.
Thanks and Regards

Is there a better way of doing this…

I’m on my phone so I can’t open the dynamo file. Can you post an image so I can understand what you are after?