Dynamo keeps running and running

So since a week my Dynamo scripts just keep running and I can move around my Dynamo script which you normally can’t. It is like the same situation when you are running a command in Revit and Dynamo waits until the Revit transaction is over, but I am sure I am not running a Command in Revit. After 5 minutes or so Dynamo finishes and the script is not that big.

What could cause this very slow running problem?

Dynamo 1.3.4 and Revit 2018 (Revit 2019 has the same problem with Dynamo 1.3.4)

Can you share the graph and an image of the full canvas (use the camera button in the top right corner after zooming into a node so you can read it).

It was not one graph in particular. The problem happend with every graph I opened. I tried a clean Re-install of Revit and Dynamo and that seems to do the trick. The problem is now gone.

So I thought I had the solution, but the problem as described above keep happening and it is really annoying.

When I press Run in Dynamo, Dynamo keeps saying “run started…” but nothing is happening…

Normally this means you have an action running in Revit but this is not the case. As shown in the gif.

Does anyone know what th problem is?

Dynamo 1.3.4.
Revit 2018 and 2019

Can you share the Revit journal and Dynamo graph from that session?

try deselecting everything in the revit view.

As you can see in the gif (properties menu) I haven’t selected anything. I have tried it again this morning and made sure nothing was selected, but I have the same problem

Here you goSort points in 2 directions.DYN|attachment (17.4 KB)
journal0112.txt (18.8 KB)

Looks like that’s the wrong journal.

Close Revit, reopen it, open a Revit file, launch Dynamo, open the graph, hit run, let it lock up, exit the program as you have been. Then grab the most recent journal which will (hopefully) show what is causing the lock up.


I’m facing this same problem for last month. No metter for model or Dynamo script I open. Sometimes after pushing Run my cursor change automatically to working status but sometimes it doesn’t react for an hour.
Does anyone found a solution for that?

Make sure you don’t have an active command in Revit. Switch back to that and hit esc two or three times to confirm.

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I ihad the same problem with a certain model in revit 2018. Everyother model worked fine…

Switch to another view sometimes did the trick. @JacobSmall Being in a revit command was not the problem, I made sure of rhat back then. Havent had the problem since I upgraded that model tot 2020, audited and purged it. I also went to the latest dynamo version.