Dynamo is sooo unstable

Can anybody lend a hand why is my dynamo soooo unstable

this is my build but it totally sucks. Repeatedly crashing.

I keep repeatedly getting some warning messages in the background when I open my graphs but not always unfortunately I can’t seem to repeat it for this post. Typical!!


Is there a more stable version? if so how do I download it

Any help please

Try being constructive rather than bashing everything. You’re on the latest build. Tons of people are running it without issue. It’s not the build. It’s likely either a bad install or a conflict with another add-in. Also, complaining without any actual information on the errors or warnings you’re getting is completely useless. We need adequate information in order to diagnose the problem.


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Stop being so petty you sound like a petulant child with such an idiotic response. there’s no bashing going on.

Next time all you need to say is It’s likely either a bad install or a conflict with another add-in and how to resolve it not the rest of your garbage.

Try to resist your urge to go bashing people on public domains. People come on here for help not to listen to you spout off what you think about them.

You’re a bit of a bully aren’t you


@Nick_Boyts is not being petty, you have given no information about the problem, so how are we expected to help you? Also, while I understand you didn’t like the response, your response was also a little careless.

To move this along, please wait until dynamo crashes again and then provide us what you were doing when it crashed, the error message that you get and the log file. Also provide us what revit version, what Plugins you have in revit as well as any other viewextensions in dynamo.

Also, this isn’t really the place for issues like this, please have a look on the Github issues page if this is happening frequently…

If you are experiencing this regularly, it won’t be long until you can post an update here and I would also post a new issue there or at least search for a similar issue.


I’d have appreciated your response a lot more than the first one. If somebody can’t respond without criticism then they shouldn’t bother to respond at all. so moving it along as you say I’ll wait until the errors reoccur and respond again. Hopefully with a more courteous response next time.

Yup, in the same vein, if someone can’t ask a question we can actually answer, then they also shouldn’t bother asking do you not think? Goes both ways here and we are only here doing this ‘for the love of’ to help you.

Anyway, let us know when it next crashes and send us the details and we’ll be happy to help.

Well not being as knowledgeable about all this as you, then no, I don’t think it was unreasonable to ask the question. For all I know it could have been and unstable version. I think it got the response it deserved.

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