Reasons for Dynamo and revit crashing

I have been facing the crash issue since the day 1 I started using dynamo, I am starting this thread to just understand and discuss all the possible reasons why it crashes, further more Its really complex to understand the way dynamo works for instance yesterday I created a script and was running more than 4-5 hours and suddenly crashed
Then i tested out the same in other pc and it just took 6 minutes to complete even though both are

same brand,
same model,
same os,
same revit versions,
same dyanamo version,
same graphic card driver,

I tried this multiple times and it crashed in my pc for some reason.

So,I thought of understanding the list of items that can crash dynamo and revit so that i can dive deep and find the problem.

Also, have you ever felt that dynamo is unstable enough?
I thought so for many reasons from package errors to memory problems.

I dont know how many of us would agree but i would say “dynamo is a powerful tool but unfortunately very unstable by design.”