Dynamo in Revit 2020 doesn't show 3D!

Hi guys,

I installed a clean version of revit 2020.2, but dynamo won’t show a 3D preview.
Googling this issue gave some tips on changing the graphics card, but I can’t change that option:
Can anyone give me a solution to this problem?

First close revit and change “CUDA - GPUs to your graphic card NividiaGeForce”.

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Thanks for your comment.
This is what I see when trying to change:

There is only 1 graphics card shown and that’s my 1080ti.
My intel graphics isn’t connected nor shown. Only possible to activate via BIOS (IGD).

Yes change to “Use these GPUs -> GeForce GTX 1080 Ti” and also "OPENGL Rendering GPU -> GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

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Done, but it didn’t matter. Because it sees the only GPU possible. When it says “all” it means the 1080ti.
I even tried this:

Still no 3D shown in Dynamo

Install DirectX from here and it should solve your problem:

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This was exactly the solution. Thanks @Kulkul !