Dynamo Hangs on second run

Has anyone experienced this weird thing where if you change something very simple after an initial Dynamo run (for example, flatten a list or something even simpler at the very end of the process that should almost be instantaneous ) and re-run, it hangs and never returns from the re-run? It happens almost consistently these days.

Did you upgrade Dynamo to latest posible version?

Please check if you have some element bindings.

I am at the latest Dynamo Sandbox release

I am not using Dynamo for Revit. I am using Dynamo Sandbox

Hi @jabiw3SXRW

Could you post dyn graph here?

Hi @jabiw3SXRW,

seeing the graph could help. I have similar “weird” behaviours from time to time, which I superstitiously ascribe to Dynamo´s memory management, as they are usually fixed when I restart the program. Then a few smooth runs, and then it starts to get slow and / or stuck.

Sometimes the “Force Run” option from Data Shapes helps though.

It would be good to get a minimal graph and steps to reproduce.
One thing that happens when the graph is run again, is that the garbage collector runs and tries to find objects which have gone out of scope and need to be disposed, this could be slow, and if that garbage collection is interacting with some unmanaged library there could be consequences like an access violation.

This is a separate garbage collector from the .net GC - which usually runs on a background thread - that can have its own issues with unmanaged code interop.

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