Dynamo Grids

Please help me with this situation,

I am trying to create an array of a sequence of 3 grids but i don’t know how to continue.
Can anybody give me some ideas?

Thank you!


Can you explain what you want ? Please give an exemple because i don’t understand what you’re looking for…


I want to create an array of these 3 grids as a group at an established distance, starting from the last grid.

/// _ /// _ /// _ /// _ /// _ ///



You can use the node geometry translate

Look this video, it’s a french one but i think it can help you !

Something like this?

Thank you all!

I have tried Geometry.Translate, Curve.Offset but it only creates one instance of a group. I need 20 groups of 3 grids.

Any Ideas?

@Eduard, is this what you’re trying to achieve? (see the screenshot & *.dyn file attached)

Transform geometry.dyn (9.2 KB)