Array of points with starting Point

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Creating an array of points from starting point , spacing and number of elements using geometry translate, that’s working, my problem is i want to make a another row(with same spacing) if count is equal to certain number for example, after 50 points it should create new row with another 50 points or less if total count is less than 100…Please see attached for reference. Thank you.

Do the List.Chop before you translate the geometry. Count the number of sublists and use that as your Y (or Z) Translation.

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You have to calculate how many rows you can completely fill with points (based on the amount of points and the limit)

Then you can create ranges for the “Full Rows” and with the remainder amount you can produce a range for the “Last Row” if there is one.

Something like this?

StackingRows.dyn (28.9 KB)


awesome! Thank you @Joelmick


Thanks also Nick :slight_smile:

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