Translate geometry multiple times ( loop for translate action)

I am beginner with using Dynamo so be lenient , please.

I have a problem.
I have a geometry ( curves) and I wanna just translate it multiple (variable) times , and I have completely no idea how to do it.

Translate action allow me translate structure only one time by specified one distance, when I try to create for loop in python there is an error : _‘list’ object has no attribute ‘Translate’ '.

Do you have any idea? I guess it must be obvious solution but I’ve just no idea at the moment:)


I can’t do that because my geometry is a list of many elements not one element like in your case.
When I try to do in your way first element of geometry list is translated by first element of distance list second by second and so on.

But I need to translate each element of my geometry list by each distance.

Doing it in your way:

Any one of these should work …
Note the Lacing on the second option is set to Cross Product

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Try to change the lacing to cross product or use List.Map

Edit: Too slow :wink:

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I don’t know why your second option doesn’t work in my case but using List.Map solve a problem.
Thanks a lot.

While I’d suggest you use the List.Map option, the cross product option might work if you Flatten the geometry list you’re feeding in.