Translating an array of points in python, how do I give each point a different value of displacement?

I am going through the python section of the dynamo primer, and am trying to recreate the initial geometry that was used in the tutorial. In the primer, the geometry was created through dynamo nodes, and I am trying to do this entirely in python as an exercise. I have gotten to the part of creating rectangles, extracting the points of the polygon, and translating them in python, however I am stuck at the part where I have to give only one of the four points a different height value. I would like some help with the code in the image.

Since the method Geometry.translate takes the geometry, x, y, z translations, and the geometry is an array(4 points), I would assume I need to use a loop. then during this loop, how do I assign each value(0,30,0,0) to the points that are looping?