Dynamo_Get_Child_Elements: Avoid Warning

Hallo zusammen
Hello, everyone

wäre es möglich, die Elemente so zu filtern, dass am Ende nur noch untergeordnete Elemente (ChildElements bzw. verschachtelte Familien) rauskommen?

Google translator:
it would be possible to filter the elements in such a way that only subordinate elements (ChildElements / nested familys) come out at the end?

Hi @Serg_Ro

Try this:

Use a Function.Apply node to show, where the function is the node throwing the warning but with no input, and the argument is what you have wired into the node now. This will return ‘null’ or the child elements, but will not throw a warning in doing that work.

Be careful with this technique as it is slower, and often those warnings are something you want users to see.

Hi, Thanks very much! with Function.Apply nod it worked.