Unjoin elements with Warning

Here is a graph to quickly unjoin all the elements in a view that contains the Warning “Highlighted elements are joined but do not intersect.”


What package is the WarningsTools.GetWarnings node from?

Hi @salvatoredragotta

It’s from Bang!


@andi.kasa You don’t have to filter elements it already gives elements which has got issues in “Failing Elements” Output. Take the first item of each sublist and connect to “First Element” and last item of each sublist to “SecondElement”. Below is the process shown by author @john_pierson. Cheers!


Hi @Kulkul just a few questions:
Isn’t the filtering necessary to isolate that specific warning?

Why do we get so many elements out of Failing elements? they seem to be repeated

Yes Filtering is necessary only for Warning Text output to get the indices of failing elements.

In most cases failing elements have 2 id’s. For example in “Highlighted elements are joined…” case it gives you host element and the element which is culprit. Does that makes sense?


Yes, Correct! Thanks @Kulkul for answering

That’s a great tutorial and as you said even better.
Thanks for sharing!

Here is another version of the Graph, based on @john_pierson’s tutorial, as per @Kulkul’s suggestion:

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Thanks @Kulkul

I was getting to many elements because I was using the All Elements In Active View node instead of the boolean one

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@Kulkul , Please let me know the package for “Springs.Element.Unjoin”.