Ignore Elements in Warning List

Hello everyone, I’m doing a tool to assign workset for elements. My tool works well in a small view. Still, when I run it for the whole model, sometimes some warnings appears like " Elements need to be disconnected", “The tap must be attached to pipe”… How can I ignore these elements in the warning list and assign workset for other elements? I have tried “Try/Except” method to do that but nothing has changed. These warnings appear even when I assign workset manually. Please give me some advices. Thanks a lot.

the problem is not in your script, it’s the way revit works

@thanhdatp297GRTHP yes, I think the same way. That’s the reason I’m looking for a way that can ignore the elements in the warning list. Do you have any ideas?

Not possible, it’s under the hood. You can however export warning messages/elements to a program like excel to review with filtering. Look into bang package which i think in 2022 onward is also available out of the box in the warning related nodes.

At its core a warning is revit warning you it has to think a bit harder or there’s a likely error, so even if you ignore a warning it will still impact the model generally at a performance level.

This is their API class also, inconveniently not called warning:

Thanks for your help @GavinCrump . I’ll try with your suggestion.

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