Get fittings w/ "No Loss Defined" warning only

i’m trying to get rid of all warnings if possible, is there a way to “filter” fittings w/ warning only?

furthermore, any good method to filter out all elements w/ warning? seems performance adviser node can only filter out duplicates

Hi @Ning_Zhou

Could you drop here rvt file which contains “No Loss Defined” fittings?

Project1.rvt (1.5 MB)

@Ning_Zhou since your using Revit 2017 exports your warnings and use Springs.Erroreport.parse custom node:

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Few options here (I am generating 10,000 spirographs so I can’t give a built example):

  1. Run the warning report, save out the html, and parse the element IDs, and use that to get the elements.
  2. Use nodes in the springs package to pull the warnings and associated elements… what @Kulkul just did. :laughing:

thanks all, seems export warning to HTML is still the only way to process all the warnings

Yep! Since your using Revit 2017, if it was 2019 it would be have been different scenario :wink:

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thanks Kulkul, do you mean 2019 have solution? API or Dynamo? i didn’t use 2019 in project yet, will be grateful if you can elaborate on it

Revit 2018 and upper version has new api method to filter warning elements below is video demo.

Here is latest version of bang nodes you can select warnings types and get warning failing elements.