Dynamo - "garbage" from background 3D

Hello everyone

I’ve got a script for renaming all elements in my model.
It’s checking all ID’s and changing one word for another (second opperation is happen in my node “BMVxGSBK”).

If I’m checking 100 000 ID’s everything is works OK:

If I want to check 1 000 000 ID’s, script works (the name has changed), but one node has warning and in the background shows some weird elements.
It worries me. Will this elements appear in my Revit model?

Best wishes

Perhaps you could show us what’s happening in your custom node. Since you’re only inputting “null” into your own node.

It’s my custom node:

Script shows that inputting “null” into node, but it works:


I just don’t understand what are these lines in backgroud.
I’m afraid possible errors because of them.

Disable all geometry previews to see which node is throwing the error. Passing all null values means it’s a bigger problem here.

I made some tests.

If I checked up till 300k of ID - script works without warrnings.

400k-500k - works with warrnings, but it shows correcty what it put into my node.

From 600k - works with warrnings and shows “null”.

It’s interesting for me that even it shows “null”, actions in my models are performed correctly.

Okay, I see that problem lies on the beginning - with node Select.ByElementID.
In this case the topic should be close. I create another with proper title.