Null value after each run

Hi all,

Since some time I have some problems with my Dynamo script. It was working perfectly before, I’ve even uninstalled Dynamo and reinstalled but it didn’t help.
The problem:
I want to select Link Elements by using Spring.SelectLinkElement or DataShape. At first run it gives me values but if I want to run again it gives me null for both of nodes. I was using this script before and there was no problem. Now even I reopen Dynamo it doesn’t work. Thought it is because of the model but I also tried it on different models and the outcome is this same. Anyone has a same problem or can help with this one?


Could you share this dynamo script and your corresponding Revit file?

Yes, I can but I was trying this on different files also and it doesn’t work anyway.

Maybe it is a conflict between your Dynamo, Package and Revit/Civil 3D version