Old Custom Nodes and Revit 2020


In my company we have a lot of scripts done in Dynamo 2.0.
We would like to use them with Revit 2020 as well. Unfortunately - some Custom Nodes won’t work as they should in Dynamo 2.1 and above.

My question is - can i somehow use old Dynamo versions with Revit 2020 to make the scripts work?

Maybe you have some other workarounds?

Thanks for your time and help

Not in a supported way, so you could break all things Dynamo by trying.

Upgrade the custom nodes and deploy a new version of the package. Even odds that the fix in 2.1+ will still work in 2.0.4 (the latest for 2019 and 2018), and you’ll be one step closer to being ready to use the content in 2021. The most common issue I have seen causing this is use of classes as a custom input, and you might be able to use Dynamo to bulk modify the input names if that’s the case.

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