Dynamo and Revit 2015

I am using Revit 2015 but the Dynamo installer does not seem to support it. Any work around?

Can I install Revit 2014, then dynamo, then move the addin manifest file from 2014 folder to 2015 folder?



I second this question. I am actually using the evaluation version of Revit 2015 for the moment to find out if the combination of Dynamo and Revit would work well in our workflow. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to install Dynamo, as the installer demands a copy of Revit 2014 or 2013. I don’t think there’s an evaluation version of one of the older Revit versions, right? Any suggestions?



Hi All,

The 0.7 development builds install to r2015, so if you are comfortable using the Pre-Release versions, you should use these. You can also copy the manifest file for 0.6.3 to the 2015 addins folder, there will likely be some changes to the revit API that are not accounted for in that build, but most of the functionality will be unchanged…