Dynamo for Rebar - bar number missing

Hi, I have a problem with Dynamo for Rebar package, creating containers to be specific. I have tried RebarContainer.ByCurve and RebarContainer.ByBar in both methods I get uneditable container without bar number.
In the first picture you can see created container without pan number and editing capability, in the second one single bar is selected, I have a number which is identical for all of the bars what I wanted to group in container.

Can anyone know how to solve this? @Maximilian_Thumfart1

Hi @Przemyslaw_Krauze,
can you specify the versions of Revit and Dynamo you are using?
I haven’t experienced this issue before so I wonder if this is due to your Revit version.

Thanks for your reply, Dynamo version is 2.0.2 and Revit is 2018.3.