Rebar container not working!

Hello everybody !
I can not create a rebar container with all the nodes in the dynamo for rebar package.
Dynamo version: 1.3
Dynamo fo rebar version: 2.0

please help me

I got the same problem with multiple nodes from the Rebar package, when looking around it seems that there are some issues with this package with Revit 2019. Package owners are currently working on this I believe.

I working with revit 2018.3

Looks to me like you need to align your dynamo and package version.

Hi @nguyenvietthanh27059,
Please use Dynamo fo rebar version: 1.2 with REvit 2018.3 for the time being. The package owners @Maximilian_Thumfart1 are currently working to resolve the issues with Dynamo for Rebar version 2.

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Hi Guys,
please note (as stated in another topic in this forum) the package has not been updated fully yet. Please download the latest package and then replace the DynamoRebar.dll in
%AppData%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.0\packages\Dynamo for Rebar\bin
with this DLL: 4
We’ll update the package again soon.

Updated the Readme for now:

the problem is I don’t have permissions to update the package myself.