Rebar Container - Dyano4Rebar

Hi Everyone,

I’m creating a wall-end reinforcement with the Dynamo4Rebar package. I manage to create the number of bars that I need through lines. I need to do a pack of bars so I can change the amount of bars (single or fixed number). If I use the “RebarContainer.ByCurve” node, I lose this options.

If I use the node “Rebar.ByCurve” from the package, I can get every single bar with this option, but if I change it to fixed number for example 3, I get the situation below:

Is there a way to create a group of bars that I can edit it’s parameters? Through python maybe?

Thanks in advance.


you should use the node Rebar.SetLayoutAsNumberWithSpacing from BIM4struct package

first you should create the first bar the create the rebar set using this node

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Thanks @ali.safiaddine for the fast reply. I’ll try this just now!.

Thanks! It worked perfectly!