Dynamo Dynamic Relaxation nodes

Hi all,

We've been hacking a bit over the holidays and have added a few Dynamic Relaxation nodes to Dynamo. More info in these blog posts:



would love to hear where you think we should take this in the future.



I used the build: 2013-10-08T02:48:27.000Z. But the Dynamic Relaxation Sample still crashes on my computer...

Hi Fabian,

I believe this is now fixed in the daily builds, please have a play. Ian fixed it last Thursday or so.

Hi matt,

is there any video for the dynamic relaxation sample in Dynamo 0.6.0? On my computer it crashes everytime I run the code (Vasari beta 3/Windows 8), even if I run it for a simple ps (5 points in one row, first and last fixed).
We are very interested in this tool running stable, since we like to use it in an course where our students are planning membrane structures.



Where can I find this node or has it been discontinued? If so, is there an alternative for this node?

This post is 3 years old. I don’t think that node still exists. All of the links that Matt posted are already dead. I think I will just close this post to prevent people getting distracted.

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